Put downloaded videos into iTunes

  armstrongpiper 20:02 04 Jan 08

How can I get a downloaded video, which plays in Windows Media Player, into a form to get it into iTunes, which requires files playable in Quicktime, which needs files ending in "mov" or "mp4" (this latter information cribbed from iTunes Help tab)?

Neil B

  MAJ 20:28 04 Jan 08

What file format is it in at the moment? I'm sure there will be a converter somewhere.

  armstrongpiper 20:36 04 Jan 08

I Know nothing about such techical matters!! Is the answer perhaps 'Windows Media Audio/Video file'? If this is not the right answer, where will I find it, please?

  MAJ 20:41 04 Jan 08

It will show as your video.avi, .wmv, .mpeg, etc.
If you can't see the extension (those three letters), then go to My Computer > Tools > Folder Options > View tab and untick the option to "Hide extensions for known file types", click Apply and OK to exit. You should now see those three letter file extensions. Those let us know what type of file it is.

  armstrongpiper 20:59 04 Jan 08

OK, done that. File has wmv after it. Is that right for file type now.
Many thanks for your response and interest in my problem.

Neil B

  MAJ 21:08 04 Jan 08

That's it, 1Glendale. Try this converter, it's not free, but there is a free trial, what the trial's limitations are, I'm not sure. click here

  MAJ 21:20 04 Jan 08

It will only convert the first 5 minutes in trial mode, 1Glendale, okay for short clips.

  Miké 21:35 04 Jan 08

Freeware program click here

  armstrongpiper 22:02 04 Jan 08

MAJ -- I tried downloading your link, as suggested it said only 5 minutes use. Also, several other unwanted things come through. However, have managed to get rid of them by doing a System Restore.
Mike -- thanks for that suggested link. I will try it tomorrow when less tired.

Also looked on Google for File converters, and there are two freebies


Are they any use, and easy to use, does anyone know?

Goddnight, and thanks again.

Neil B

  armstrongpiper 11:33 05 Jan 08

Mike - have downloded DivX/Videora iPod Converter from your link. It Downloaded easily, no problems. I have used it to convert a short (3 minute) video of an eye operation that I have to have soon! It was easy to use and entirely successful. Many Many Thanks!!

Neil B

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