The puppy almost fried!

  beattyben 17:14 12 Jan 04

I was recently asked by a friends 18yr old son to look at his HP 610C deskjet printer that wasn't working. Checked current drivers etc were installed and eventually found that that the puppy had chewed through the power cable. Thankfully after the mains power had been through the adapter or the puppy would have fried!!. Can anyone suggest where we might get a replacement on the cheap, as he's a poor struggling student. Jermaine that is not Nelly the daft puppy dog!!

  Jester2K 17:22 12 Jan 04

Look in the manual it should give you a part number. Then check click here

  Diemmess 18:08 12 Jan 04

I assume this is a low voltage supply to the printer which has been "shortened"?

Guessing....... if the lead emerges from a grommet in the adapter and has a light lead which plugs into the printer, then in these safety concious days the powers-that-be would insist on a total replacement of the power supply unit.

If Jermaine has a able friend, it should be possible to replace the chewed lead entirely, but it will require opening the PSU/adapter and maybe some soldering.

  Djohn 18:14 12 Jan 04

Maybe Maplin's might help with this either with a repair or replacement. click here

  wurzel2001 18:39 12 Jan 04

A less lovely solution is to strip back the cable to undamaged parts and use a mains connector to rejoin the 2 pieces. It is also cheap if your Dad already has one you can borrow but consult a qualified electrician if you are unsure how to wire a plug...

  spuds 19:33 12 Jan 04

As Djohn - Try Maplins. Or you could try click here click here or perhaps a local computer fair. Similar leads were selling at my local fair on Sunday for £1.90 each.

  R4 21:03 12 Jan 04

as wurzel2001 except as it is the 'Low Voltage end use a 5 amp connector, cost about 20p to rejoin the cable making sure you connect the correct wires as this is probaly a DC voltage and thus has a definate positive and negative lead.
....... Not that pretty but efective

I have a 650 and one lead is plain black and the other has a white stripe: if yours is the same connect the black to black and the striped to the striped : you could then cover the connector with PVC insulation Tape


white st. -------o=o--------- White st.

Black -------o=o--------- Black

  beattyben 07:33 14 Jan 04

Thanks everyone, I'll try Maplin's as their prices seem quite reasonable

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