punctuation marks and euro sign

  TOMSTEPHENSON1 07:43 12 Apr 04

Having recently moved to Spain, I have discovered that my English keyboard has vital puctuation marks and the euro sign missing.
Can anyone advise how I may be able to use my keyboard to insert accents, inverted question marks (as used in Spain) and the euro sign. Perhaps I need to buy some new softwear.???

  Valvegrid 08:10 12 Apr 04

¿ € Both these can be found in Character map if you go to Programs>Accessories>System tools.

Alternatively Alt+0191 gives ¿ and Ctrl+2 gives €

  €dstowe 08:14 12 Apr 04

I do my signature by Alt Gr + Ctrl + 4.

Even on an old keyboard without the € marking on the key, the symbol comes up.


  AndySD 08:14 12 Apr 04

What is your Operating System and what software are you using eg Office 2000, Word 98 etc.

  rubella 08:40 12 Apr 04

A was given a nice little improvement on the Windows Character Map yesterday: click here

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