Publishing to a sub-domain

  ade.h 15:00 28 Jun 06

I thought that this would be easy and that creating sub-domains for the different sections of my site would be a good idea!

The site in question is hosted by Web Mania (very good so far). Its control panel has an entry that maps each sub-domain to a sub-folder of the primary domain, so links to www. domain .com/folder/ but I'm not sure where the site should be uploaded to, given that I use Net Objects Fusion, which like most wizzywig apps, creates the links at the time of publishing based on your chosen directory. But for that to work, surely the the site needs to load to the sub-domain?

I tried uploading to the mapped folder and all I got was the server's directory structure rather than the site itself.

I'm confused!

  Chris147 16:12 28 Jun 06

Hi Ade.

The problem could be the ftp software you're using. Try this (it's completely free and pretty good):

click here

The beauty of this ftp software is you can browse all the folders on your site and adjust them as necessary.

Assuming you have created the sub-domain folder via your Control Panel, it will be displayed in the folder list and you can upload your pages into it.



  ade.h 16:19 28 Jun 06

I use Smart FTP for server access, but you cannot use a 3rd-party FTP client with NOF, for the reason that I outlined above.

It should make no difference at all, however, because NOF's FTP is perfectly up to the task. I just need to work out what directory address I should actually use in order for NOF to create the correct link URLs.

This entire site amounts to over 50 pages and growing, so there's no way that I can publish it to the top level, then edit the html files. With a much smaller site, I would consider that, so NOF has to place it in the right location to start with.

I'm experienced with NOF, but this is just one of those things that I have never had to do before!

  Forum Editor 18:58 28 Jun 06

must contain an entirely separate site, complete with an index page and image folder etc., etc.

In the main site you simply link to the sub-domains in the same way that you would link to any other external site, just include the full url of the sub-domain page in question.

Sub-domain sites can be uploaded from NOF in exactly the same way that you upload the main site - just tell NOF the publishing location of the sub-domain site.

  ade.h 19:20 28 Jun 06

Thanks. That confirms how I thought they were supposed to work and it was how I expected it to work in this case until I came to create a sub-domain and encountered this mapping thing.

Once the sub-dmoain was added, the server structure did not appear to change at all. Even the chosen folder had to be added by me via FTP.

I tried setting NOF's directory to the sub-domain, but it told me that it doesn't exist and it offered to create it; choosing "yes" just created a sub-directory with that name below the top-level URL, which I thought was probably not right. The upload went through okay, but the files were not accessible from a browser, only via FTP.

  Forum Editor 00:02 29 Jun 06

to the folder in your web which contains the sub domain files.

  ade.h 00:06 29 Jun 06

I have just tried publishing it again (3rd attempt) and it seems to be working now, the only difference being that NOF has finally accepted that the new folder exists, rather than offering to create it for me.

  Forum Editor 20:48 29 Jun 06

don't you just love it?

  mco 22:37 29 Jun 06

I recall a few months ago I tore my hair out with NOF trying to make a pop-up spot the difference puzzle; NOF would in no way let the pop ups work and I tried all manner of ways to solve the problem. And then - without me doing any changes, it just decided it would work, after all....

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