Publishing Articles on the Web:How?

  mbp 09:16 22 Jul 07

I would like to know the best 'Free Site' where I can submit some fairly serious articles for others to read, and maybe discuss(Discuss is not necessary). It has to be free, and reliable
The articles are long and rather academic on serious topics like, Politics, Religion, and culture. Perhaps a free Personal Website is best? Could you please post one or two URLs? Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

  STREETWORK 09:31 22 Jul 07

does you ips provide you with any free webspace? if so use it...

  Batch 12:14 22 Jul 07

I'd suggest that you search (e.g. using google) for individual forums that relate to the topics you want to expound on and then review these to see if theu fit the bill.

  mbp 12:25 22 Jul 07

Streetwork,I am using BT Broadband and will soon switch to Option 1. I Cannot seem to find their website, have they changed their setup again?

  mbp 12:40 22 Jul 07

Batch, I did not think it was appropriate to use forums or blogs where I am already active, like 'DT Blog', and 'Google Groups', and 'Islam Watch', because the article is about 20 pages of Windows 'Word' program, and it does not seem appropriate. Of course I could post it into my personal blog like 'Blogger beta' in parts to make it more readable. I just wanted advice.

  Forum Editor 12:58 22 Jul 07

a 20 page Word document you'll almost certainly need to do it on your own website - very few people are going to download a file of that size, unless they a) are particularly interested in what you have to say and b) know and trust the source.

  mbp 13:57 22 Jul 07

Thanks ed. would geocities be a suitable site? Or do you mean a commercial website?

  Batch 14:01 22 Jul 07

Don't know if this entirely fits the bill, but it is pretty heavy, in depth stuff:

click here

  mbp 18:28 22 Jul 07

Batch, how did you ever stumble upon such a site? Although the article I had in mind would fit this group, I cannot see a way to be a 'contributor'. So I will have to find another alternative. Thanks it is a site worth spending time learning what others say.

  Batch 19:06 22 Jul 07

I cannot recall how I came across it - it was a couple of years back.

The specific reference I had to it related to their "Annual Question", which in 2005 was "What do you believe is true even though you cannot prove it?". See click here and scroll down (quite a bit).

Much of it is fantastic, seriously thought provoking stuff. In one of my philosophical moods I meant to get to grips with much of it, but never got round to it (far too many mundane interventions - like posting on this forum!).

  mbp 11:29 23 Jul 07

Batch, internet forums, Daily Telegraph Blogs i.e.
click here is without a doubt addictive. I am not sure which sensory brain cells are activated to create this addiction. I had to practically force myself to stay away from my favourite blog/forum sites to complete my 20 page article. What chance does my 'memoirs' have? I have already been diverted 3 years, and I surreptiously numb my senses by labelling it, 'writer's block', when in fact I have become a forum junkie. Sad how we find excuses for our procrastinations.

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