publish a new web page from microsoft front page

  abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 08:34 26 Mar 03

I have completed a web site using Microsoft front page and am trying to ppublish onto the www - what isp support frontpage.

  User-312386 08:37 26 Mar 03

most ISP's support FP

what ISP are you on

you have to enable your webspace 1st with your ISP


  abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 08:40 26 Mar 03

have done that it is Freeserve - but when uploading the page appears but not the photos they just have a small red cross in the corner.

  anchor 08:51 26 Mar 03

Give us the link to your page so that we all may have a look. This might enable us to give advice.

  abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 08:56 26 Mar 03

i assume you mean the link to my front page if so this is on another computer which I will not have access to until tonight

  Steve- 09:03 26 Mar 03

When I ceated my site using Frontpage I had a similar problem caused by inserting pictures from the wrong folder on my hard drive, so when Frontpage transfered the files over to the Hosting company the pointers to the files were wrong. I sorted it by looking at where the Web page was expecting to see them and manually transfering them over using WS_FTP Pro. I think the problem is probably caused by not really understanding how to construct the Site in Frontpage in the first place, ie. Inserting them from the My Docs folders directly rather than copying to the correct Frontpage folder and then inserting them. Hope this helps.

  MAJ 09:06 26 Mar 03

It sounds as though the picture files haven't uploaded properly, it happens sometimes with FP's Publishing function. Also check that the path to the pictures is correct and sometimes if you have UPPERCASE LETTERS in the file names, that will case them not to display correctly. Personally I would use an FTP client like WSFTP to upload the files rather than trust the task to FP.

  anchor 09:45 26 Mar 03

I meant the URL link to your site on Freeserve.

As very much an amateur, I find that using Frontpage, when inserting a picture from my hard drive into a new page, the link ends up in the html as something like:


I upload the picture sunflowers.jpg to the server, and have to change the html to


Otherwise, no picture will be displayed.

  abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 09:52 26 Mar 03

Thanks to you all - I will go back and have a look at the links etc. If that does not work I will be back.

  MichelleC 11:37 26 Mar 03

Also any changing of locations of files has to be done in 'folder' view in a specific way (Right-click-drag-move) otherwise the altered hyperlinks won't be linked. So if you moved some of your pics via another way the links will be gone.

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