ption to put text directly under thebove text

  powerless 15:35 PM 14 Jun 03

If i'm starting a new paragraph or want to go the line below. FP puts a space between each line whereas i want it to be directly underneath. (like this paragrapgh)

But FP does this...

Puts the cursor two lines down, instead of underneath like this.

Hope this makes sense.

  powerless 15:38 PM 14 Jun 03

Sorry i pressed enter as i was just making a title for the thread.

It meant to read "Option to put text directly underneath the above text" It wouldn't fit so i was trying to shorten it.

Embarrased yes i am ;-)

  tbh72 15:43 PM 14 Jun 03

Press & Hold the SHIFT & ENTER keys

  powerless 15:45 PM 14 Jun 03


Is there an automatic option though, seems a bit stupid to keep having to press shift and enter each time?

  Pesala 20:28 PM 14 Jun 03

I wish we could edit posts sometimes, especially when you write a whole load of code that is supposed to be separated by paragraph breaks, and PCA takes them all out. (>_<)

Any DTP program need to distinguish between line breaks and paragraph breaks. HTML puts a <BR> code when you press Shift Enter, but a <P> code when you press Enter. PageMaker uses the Shift Enter convention too. Very handy when typing verses with a style that has extra spacing before or after the paragraph. If you got a full paragraph break at the end of each line of a verse you would have to fiddle a lot to get the desired half a line space or three quarters line space between verses.

  powerless 20:30 PM 14 Jun 03

"M" Opera is showing you a lie.

  powerless 03:22 AM 22 Jun 03

Well i had it solved from tbh72 post so i'm done with this thread.


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