Billy Long Bolt 11:43 04 Feb 06

I have a Micro-star 945P MS-7176 ver:1.A mainboard and a North Q 'NQ4775' 400w psu.
On assembling the various bits & pieces on the mainboard, I have come up against a problem.
The main 24pin plug fits ok but according to the supplied mainboard manual, there should be a power supply fitted to 2 other sockets as well, namely: JPW1 (8pin) and ATX2 (4pin). The manual states that all 3 connections should work together to ensure stable operation of the mainboard. The problem is supply cables from the PSU. There is not a cable with an 8pin plug on it for the JPW1 socket. There is a cable with a 4pin plug but no socket for it on the mainboard.
Also, can I use any of the other power cables for the ATX2 socket?

Any help with this would be appreciated.

  citadel 12:26 04 Feb 06

does jpw1 not refer to the cable that goes from the motherboard to to cpu.

  Billy Long Bolt 12:35 04 Feb 06

Hi citadel

jpw1 refers to the connector attached to the mainboard.

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