PSU/Graphic Card

  Ritchbee 16:46 17 Oct 06

Ordered a new Graphics card - Sapphire Radeon X1600 AGP - Just thought will I need to replace the PSU as well. It's a 300W unit I think.

  sean-278262 16:54 17 Oct 06

Yes ideally you should get at least a 400W PSU but go for something more powerful even a 500W would prove better. Plus 500W PSUs are often easier to get and there seems to be more of a range.

  Ritchbee 22:12 17 Oct 06

Excuse the pun...........but does size matter.

Do PSU's come in different sizes or are they all the same.

Novice as you can tell.

  woodchip 22:18 17 Oct 06

Most are the Same but if it's com from like Toshiba Mesh etc it may need one from maker

  woodchip 22:18 17 Oct 06

Most are the Same but if it's comes from like Toshiba Mesh etc it may need one from maker

  Mr Beeline 22:28 17 Oct 06

As far as I'm aware, Mesh use standard ATX PSU's. Now some DELL PC's can definitely be a problem (I speak from experience here)!

  User-312386 22:46 17 Oct 06

i woudl get at least a 500 watt psu click here this one is modular and has power control as well

  keef66 10:39 18 Oct 06

I'd try the new card first and see if it's stable running games or 3D benchmarks. You may find if your current psu is of decent quality it will cope.
If it starts crashing / rebooting, then try a beefier psu.

  rmcqua 10:53 18 Oct 06

Yes, you will. Don't even consider that your existing 300W PSU will cope with this new graphics card and all the other bits you (presumably) have in your PC.
Creature of the Nite and madboy33©® are correct.
Buy a 450 Watt (minimum) PSU and enjoy the freedom from worry that your glitches are caused by inadequate power!

  Ritchbee 11:43 18 Oct 06

Thanks for the advice good people.

I'm off to Maplins or Savastore(both in Luton)to get a new one.

  woodchip 20:39 18 Oct 06

This is one good thing that PCworld Sell I got one from there a 500watt Jeantech I think it as 2 years warranty

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