PSU Question

  dazza39 13:40 23 Nov 05

I have a 350watt PSU,can i replace with higher ones?and are they compatible with most boards?.

  woodchip 13:53 23 Nov 05

Simple YES. Just make sure that it as all the plugs that's needed as they do Vary

  keef66 16:33 23 Nov 05

as long as you're talking standard ATX sized psu's, probably yes. As Woodchip suggests, check what connectors you get / need, and if you can, make sure they are long enough to reach.
Don't make the mistake of going for an allegedly high power output at a suspiciously low price. Choose a known brand like Antec and spend over £50 if you want it to last.

I'm led to believe that weight is a good indicator of psu quality, and all the duff ones I have ever known have been suspiciously light and tinny.

  dazza39 16:36 23 Nov 05

Thanks Guys

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