PSU Power

  beauchampboiler 15:19 24 Oct 08

Is there any way I can easily find out how much power my PSU is capable of producing , in watts?

  Technotiger 15:21 24 Oct 08

It will be marked on a large label on the PSU. Unfortunately in order to see it you normally need to partially remove the PSU, 'cos it is usually on the top.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:22 24 Oct 08

Max power output is printed on label on psu

  woodchip 16:05 24 Oct 08

As Technotiger it gives a rough guide, But it will not produce what it says on the tin. A good PSU will be more efficient. Cheap ones, you only get what you pay for, and it may prove more expensive if it blows

  beauchampboiler 17:31 24 Oct 08

Thanks, so there's no free utility I can download that will tell me?

  Technotiger 17:40 24 Oct 08


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