PSU noise reduction kit.

  Bowsprit 10:23 06 Jun 04

Ever seen one of these click here advertised here ?

  Tinkey Winkey 11:17 06 Jun 04

This may increase the heat of your PSU ?

Might be better off buying a 'quiet' PSU e.g with only one 120mm fan .

Have seen them for around £30.

  Bowsprit 11:26 06 Jun 04

Maybe your right, i've been looking at them because most of the noise from my pc seems to come from the rear psu fan.I just happened to see this duct and wondered if it would help.

  Dorsai 11:27 06 Jun 04

Try visiting click here

They were mentioned in jul '04's advisor. I ordered a couple of bits from them and got them within three days. they certianly list quiet PSU's

  OU812 18:24 07 Jun 04

Also try Kustom PC's they also sell a lot of the kit that can be had from Quiet PC, they just tend to sell it cheaper.

click here

Also I know from experience it can be quite difficult sometimes to determine what is the exact noise source. Therefore if your comfortable doing so run your PC with the side off since it should help you determine if it is your PSU that is the primary noise source.

Also quietening a PC tends to be an all or nothing affair since removing one source of noise tends to unmask another and so on.

For reference I use a Nexus NX3000 300 Watt PSU which I brought last year after seeing it eulogised at Silent PC Review, its quiet but you can still here it particularly if working the PC hard. Or that is I could hear it since last summer I gave up on this quiet PC malarkey and simply put my base unit in another room attached by long cable runs to my home office in one room and my HI Fi in another.

  Dorsai 19:38 07 Jun 04

Such an obvious answer! just wish i had the 'other room' to put it in......

  OU812 23:31 08 Jun 04

Sorry if this is a little off beam of the original post but it follows on from my 'contribution' above.

If you would like a trip into the obsessiveness that trying to quieten a PC can bring about take a look at the forums at Silent PC Review click here

You have been warned, don't let it happen to you, madness lies therein!!

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