PSU is it duff

  alan227 15:31 30 Dec 05

I have just started to put together a computer for a friend.
The motherboard, processor, memory & graphics card are second hand.
I put the mobo in (The processor, fan & memory were allready in place on the mobo) and connected the graphics card, connected the monitor and fired it up and on the monitor it said the ATI card needs an extra power connector so I pressed the power switch to shut it down, located the extra power connector on the graphics card, connected it and turned it back on and nothing except a clunk sound from the PSU.
The case is a Jeantech (which is brand new) with there own make 300watt PSU.
I have used a multimeter to check the main connector to the mobo and only 2 sets of pins show any output, 1 shows 3.4 volts and the other shows 4.9 volts.
Every time I switch it on the PSU just goes clunk, is there a reset switch on the PSU.
Any help appreciated.

  007al 15:34 30 Dec 05

The psu is not man enough.
As the card needs its own power,you will need a new psu.
This is good and quiet for the money click here

  Trackrat 15:39 30 Dec 05

The motherboard is an ASRock KT74A, the processor is an AMD 2600, The memory is 512mb 2700 (333) and the graphics card is an ATI 9700pro.
Surely without any thing else connected the power supply should be OK.

  007al 15:44 30 Dec 05

See if it says the same thing without the power to the graphics.
If it does ,then the psu is not supplying enough power

  Trackrat 15:48 30 Dec 05

As I said in the first post the PSU just goes clunk when I turn it on, I have even tried it without the graphics card in and disconnected from the mobo and it still goes clunk.
Which confuses me as the first time I turned it on it fired up OK.

  007al 15:51 30 Dec 05

Is there a model number on the psu case?

  Trackrat 15:54 30 Dec 05


  woodchip 15:57 30 Dec 05

Did you check the PSU with it connected to the MOBO as if you did not you will have blown the PSU. You should back probe the main power plug to check volts. click here

all about PSU click here

  Trackrat 16:03 30 Dec 05

How do you mean, check the PSU with it connected to the mobo, I connected it up and plugged in the power switch to the mobo then switched it on and it worked, after seeing the message about the extra power connector for the graphics card I switched iy of from the front power switch and connected the extra supply to the graphics card, then nothing.
How do you back probe the main power plug.

  alan227 16:06 30 Dec 05

Trackrat is my brother and he has logged in under his own name so do not be confused.

  woodchip 16:09 30 Dec 05

With a multi tester put red test probe in back of plug, one pin at a time black to case you should get readings within tolerance levels for the PSU and mobo. According to the link I posted

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