Is this psu good enough for this video card?

  Cybermaxx 18:29 10 Aug 04

My power supply:-

Fortron Source FSP250-60

DC Output 250w

Fuse rating +3.3v & +5v = 165w Max.

AC Input 230 - 240v~, 3A, 50-60 Hz

+3.3v - 14A
+5v - 25A
+12v - 8A
+5vsb - 2A
-5v - 0.3A
-12v - 0.8A

I have connected:-

MSI 6701 motherboard
Pentium 4B 2.66
60GB hard drive
Floppy drive
Card reader
USB modem
USB Joypad
Keyboard and mouse

What do you reckon? Is that Power supply just too weak for a high-end card like the 9800?

  christmascracker 18:38 10 Aug 04

Have a look here

click here

  Cybermaxx 18:54 10 Aug 04

Hmmm, according to that, a nVidia FX5200 needs more power than a Radeon 9800! That can't be right.

  961 19:22 10 Aug 04

You don't say if this is an existing system to which you are installing a new video card, or a re-built computer using an existing case

Either way, 250 watt PSU's are below par these days, and since you can buy a new case with a 400 watt PSU for little over £20 (Novatech, Dabs etc) I think that would be a wise move bearing in mind that you have some other stuff that requires power.

  Cybermaxx 19:36 10 Aug 04

It's an existing system in which I'm considering fitting a 9800. I don't want to change power supplies, because I'm no techie! What I wanted to know is whether or not that is a good psu, given it's specification. I know that some people do run 9800 cards with 250 watt power supplies.......

  961 19:51 10 Aug 04

On that basis I would try to find out what power existing video card is using and see what the difference is. ATI web site will say what the 9800 requires.

I take it that USB modem has its own power

On the basis that you aren't using USB stuff with power requirements (scanner, sometimes printer) you may well get away with it. First signs of trouble would be freezing of system

  961 20:26 10 Aug 04

An added point:- ensure the power voltages on your AGP socket on the computer suit the voltage requirement on the new video card. They are not always the same

  Cybermaxx 21:39 10 Aug 04

Sorted! I now know that I can't get away with using a 9800 (thanks to the Sapphire forum). To cut a long story short, if anyone is considering buying one of these cards, make sure your power supply has AT LEAST a 12 Amp rating on it's +12V rail. If you have extra hard drives etc., make sure it's at least 16 Amps on the 12V rail.

Needless to say, my psu isn't up to the job. It's back to the 9600.

  SEASHANTY 00:16 11 Aug 04

250 watts for a P4 system is very low by todays standards. Must be running close to maximum capacity now - which means it will not last as long as a 350 watt PSU.

  SEASHANTY 00:27 11 Aug 04

PC Power Supply considerations
click here

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