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PSU fan?

  VoG II 00:12 06 Jun 04

My old and trusty PC has just started to make an 'orrible fan-like noise. I'm sure it's not the CPU fan since I replaced that a few months ago with Jester2K's help.

The only other fan is in the PSU which seems to be a sealed unit.

Am I right (I think I am but just to be sure) in thinking that you cannot replace these fans?

So, I am thinking "replace PSU". Is this straightforward? Are They a standard size and so on.

Please remember, if it can't be done in Excel, then I can't do it.

  johnsims 00:23 06 Jun 04

All the PSU s I've ever looked at give dire warnings about not opening them up - which you'd have to do to replace the fan. (And I always do what I am told!) I love the quiet PSUs from quietpc.com click here They do cost a bit more but are sooooo good in terms of lack of assault on the eardrums.

  dfghjkl 00:26 06 Jun 04

ver easy,just swap plug for plug.most modern motherboards use an "atx"i think that is what its called,it means that the multiplug will fit your motherboard.i belive pentium use an extra connector,but it will be in the wiring loom,details of board,age etc would be handy,also it will have a sticker on it stating the wattage,250watt,300watt,350watt for example,dont get one lower than the one you have now,if you intend to put in a modern graphics card at some point,some need 350watts as a minimum,also the new cards need nearly 400watts i belive.good luck,peter.

  VoG II 00:32 06 Jun 04

Many thanks. It is an ASUS P2B mobo. Sorry for being thick - if I go to PC World and ask for a replacement PSU (let's say 350 W) am I likely to get something that physically fits? I think I can deal with the wiring, it is the size of the thing that I am worried about.

  TTP 00:33 06 Jun 04

Yes - its very easy and staight forward - take old one out and replace - 4 screws on most - 10 mins max- go for atleast 350 watts/400 watts depending on your system(as above). My last one came with 8 molex and 1 mobo connector - its very easy to do. Also - you are here all the time how do you not know how to change a PSU ? this is not a derogitory remark..

  VoG II 00:39 06 Jun 04

TTP - I only "do" software, that's why.

Thank you very much, appreciated.

  computernerdiamnot 00:43 06 Jun 04

AS far as i know VoG there are only 2 sizes AT and ATX its been a long time since i have done power supplys as i do the laptop route now. But as long as you know your mobo should be no probs.

  computernerdiamnot 00:44 06 Jun 04

Sorry if you have a AT or ATX case.

  powerless 00:46 06 Jun 04

Ummm VoG you put your cig lighter in didn't you?

  bvw in bristol 00:48 06 Jun 04

This is the ideal time to show Mrs VoG your ailing machine ( don't forget to peel an onion first ) and appear to be heartbroken ;)

You could be sat in front of an all singing all dancing machine within days :)

Just remove the NIC and old hard drive and you're away :)

  ted bear 00:56 06 Jun 04

hi vog - if you want to just replace the psu fan - this is how you do it click here

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