.pst files - help with sharing

  LeedsLass 15:20 05 Sep 06

I've got 3 colleagues (Boss, Aide & Aide's Deputy) who all need to share emails between them, so I set up a folder on the server that only they can access.

I then went to Aide's machine and created some .pst folders from her Outlook but created them so the .pst files were saved in the folder that only the 3 of them have access to. She then started moving some emails into the .pst folders.

Meanwhile, I went to Boss' PC and opened the folders so he could see them on his machine as well - next port of call was gonna be Aide's deputy so that all three of them had the folders on their outlook folders list and access to them.

However, once I'd opened the .pst folders on Boss' machine, Aide could no longer see them.

Is there any way that all three of them can see them all at once (a bit like when you give delegate access to someone's inbox and it's "live" or "real time" for both people)?

And if not, is there any way round this dilema as there's no way they can share the emails via delegate access to each others' mailboxes as their mailboxes will be full in no time (there is a limit of only about 50mb).

Aargh! There must be some way round this.....


  Sgt. Pepper 15:56 05 Sep 06

Why don't you try creating a generic mailbox, and then map that additional mail box in outlook. This way all the users can access mail from a generic mailbox.

  recap 15:57 05 Sep 06

It may work if you created sub folders in the main mail folder you created on the server. Don't forget to give the same permissions for the sub folders.

  LeedsLass 09:27 06 Sep 06

Thanx for the ideas guys/gals but sub folders idea won't work as anything stored on the mail server (even if in sub folders) contributes to the mailbox's size (and the limit is set low where I work so they'd only get about 100 messages before it would be at it' limit).

The problem is, is that the messages need to be moved to the main file server as it has more capacity and that can only (as far as I know) be done via .pst files.

Seems I'm stuck. They're just gonna have to take it in turns to open the .pst files which is an inconvenience but that's about it.

Thanx for your replies though.

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