inneedofhelp 19:49 09 Nov 05

Not strictly as Pc question.

But will uk psp games work on a US psp console?

  powerless 19:51 09 Nov 05

The Games are not generally region encoded for the PSP, so they should work.

  inneedofhelp 19:54 09 Nov 05

cheers for that.

I am going to new york at christmas, and they are SO much cheaper, as well as the games!!!!

Also, I assume pc hardware will have no probs???

  powerless 14:21 11 Nov 05

PC will be fine.

  ACOLYTE 14:27 11 Nov 05

I dont know about psp but some ps2/ps1 US games needed an adaptor or a special cd to run them on the UK console.

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