PS2 wireless network play on BT HOME HUB

  hooberhill 23:35 29 Dec 06

Does anyone have a PS2 (old style) on network play working wirelessly using a Home Hub? Im trying to set this up but not sure which wireless adaptor will work on BT ADSL. Does Linkss WGA54G because according to instructions it may only be Cable. Also i'd be interested to know if anyone has any wireless media playes set up and working ith Home Hub.

  Tim1964 00:41 30 Dec 06

The Amazon site states that it "turns any ethernet enabled device into a wireless connection...."

Either Cable or ADSL, it connects to the router as any wireless adapter would.

Do you have the PS2 network adapter?, as these were add-ons to the older (large) PS2.

I looked into the cost of a wireless bridge but found that 2 homeplug units were more suitable as wireless range is not an issue and there is no chance of a signal dropping out.

click here

  hooberhill 13:33 30 Dec 06

Many thanks for this. Which homeplug system do you use and is this set up with a BT router. Im interested more in a wireless media player as its more of an all-round solution. Maybe hold on for ps3 to see what features this has.

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