PS Elements 3.0 - adding image to page

  sheila.weston 15:16 20 Dec 10

Can someone remind me how to add an image to a file which is open in PS Elements 3. Also, how to have two documents open at the same time.

Many thanks.

  Graphicool1 10:50 21 Dec 10
  sheila.weston 10:15 22 Dec 10

Thank you. I am working on it. I am wondering if the problem is caused by Vista as I got the program when I had my old desktop pc and haven't used it much on this laptop.

I'll report back in due course, but if anyone else has any ideas, please tell me!

  MIke 10:39 22 Dec 10

I think you might have a few issues with Elements 3 according to this thread click here
If you don't get much luck and don't want to spend any money then something like click here or Photofiltre click here Or of Course The Gimp click here though I've never really liked using it as it is a bit quirky compared with Photoshop.
If you don't mind spending money then i can recommend V 9 of photoshop Elements you are possibly eligible for reduced upgrade price.


  sheila.weston 10:58 22 Dec 10

You've cracked it, Mike. I was wondering, also, why there are strange lines on the images, as mentioned on the CNet forum.

I'll consider updating to version 9.

Many thanks.

  MIke 14:46 22 Dec 10

No problem.

I think you'll find V9 an improvement over V 3
I don't know how well you know such software, I upgraded from Elements 6 because of the addition of layer masks, an improved healing brush, which I think is missing in V3 and I simply love the new clone tool, you can actually see what you are cloning, its a bit like dragging a cut out patch across the picture so makes it easier to clone acurrately if you have lines to match up. I think you'll find it a worthwhile upgrade though might have to learn a few new ways of working.
Good luck

  sheila.weston 22:47 22 Dec 10

Thanks for the comments. I tend to have concentrated sessions with graphics, usually every January. I am currently trying to design a book cover for, instead of using their own design.

I'll mark this thread as resolved.

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