proxy servers

  crease 23:41 27 Oct 03


just a thought, what are proxy servers? what do they do? and whats the difference between SOCKS proxy servers and proxy servers?

also being conected to a large network can anyone monitor internet activity, if someone hacks onto some elses machine and so on.

i know its not really a problem but any info/views would be quite interesting.


  DieSse 23:55 27 Oct 03

click here

Explanations here.

Yes of course network activity can be monitored - in great detail if desired.

  Gaz 25 00:15 28 Oct 03

Internet activity can be monitored very well with proxies.

Every website accesses, user that accesed it, etc.. Time, date, how long you spent there, what pages you went on.

How many blocked sites you tried to access.

They can monitor files you download, anything really.

;-) Serious!

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