Protecting Wireless Internet

  ToniMac 18:45 24 Aug 05

I've had a search around for the answer to this one but to no avail.

I have a wireless network in my house consisting of one PC and a laptop using a belkin wireless router. My ISP is AOL although I don't have that installed on my laptop. I just turn on the router and connect using IE.

One of my colleuges at work has pointed out that anyone with a laptop in range could use my internet connection to access the internet as I don't require a password on my laptop.

How can I amend this and protect my connection?

Thanks for any help


  woodchip 19:02 24 Aug 05

You need to open the Setup window in your Router. You have to do this using a Web browser as IE type in the correct address as for my 3Com it's and press enter, "your may be different" you need to look at the install instructions. there should also be software on your Laptop so you can use the Router and Laptop with encryption software

  bosmere 19:03 24 Aug 05

Enable WEP or WPA on the router, PC and laptop.

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