Protect my laptop

  collinsc 22 Dec 11

Hi Recently purchased a new laptop, with the usual "3 months free Mcafee" - firstly i want to stop this reminder - i assume i can just uninstall anything Mcafee related?

Secondly, i'd like to ask what is the best free laptop security out there nowadays. For my current laptop i use: AVAST MalwarebyAnti-malware spyware blaster


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22 Dec 11

Sounds like you already know :0)

that's a good combination.

just make sure you use the mcafee removal tool to get rid of it coeewctly before trying to install your new AV.

  iscanut2 22 Dec 11

When unistalling, you might like to have a look here...

and for a good, free security program, have a look at this..

  collinsc 22 Dec 11

thanks :)

  iscanut2 22 Dec 11

PS. Don't forget a firewall as well. If using Win7, the windows firewall should be fine.

  collinsc 23 Dec 11

Yup, on windows 7, cheers.

  collinsc 23 Dec 11

iscanut - thanks for the link to the macafee removal. i have registered and i aam struggling at step 7: 7.Under the My Protection Products section, select the subscription from which you would like a license released

there appears to be no way to select the fee subscription to then carry out the subsequent step of deactivating from the laptop.


  iscanut2 23 Dec 11

Sorry you having trouble..Have never used this so are there any ex McAffee users out there ?

  buteman 23 Dec 11

You don't need to register.Just scroll down the page to Download and run MCPR.exe and run it.

You have to remove McAfee first from add remove then run the tool.

Just follow the instructions for removal.Never mind signing in for anything.

You may get a few boxes opening with letters and numbers that you have to type into the box.Just type them in as you see them.

  collinsc 23 Dec 11

ta, the link does say though: IMPORTANT: If your McAfee products were preinstalled by the manufacturer of your computer, ensure that you activate your McAfee subscription before uninstalling.

  buteman 23 Dec 11


I Only ran it 2 days ago and I have already forgotten most of it.

Nothing worse a new laptop and the first thing you have to do is remove programs.

If you just follow the instructions and see what happens.All i can tell you is that i did not need to sign in anywhere to remove it.


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