Proposed PC upgrade - A few questions about RAID 10 and SLI

  paul806 21:20 09 Jul 11

Hi guys,

My PC is as follows;

CoolerMaster GX650W, Asus P8Z68-V Pro, Intel i5 2500k, Corsair H50 CPU cooler, OCZ Platinum 2x 2GB 1333MHz CL7 DDR3, Western Digital 500GB 7200rpm 16MB Cache, MSI GTX 560-Ti 1GB Twin Frozr II OC, Asus Xonar DG, Samsung BD-ROM.

Recently I purchased 2 Samsung SpinPoint 500GB 7200rpm 16MB Cache HDDs. My intention was to boost performance by running the new pair in RAID 0 with my WD disk as a backup for important data and OS image etc. It was only after I purchased them that I realized that my chipset won't support the use of a disk not in RAID configuration whilst using RAID mode. I could run them in RAID 0 but I feel a bit uneasy about it without any fault tolerance.

I've decided that the best option may be just to go ahead and purchase a 4th drive and use a RAID 10 configuration. Is this possible with the two different brands of drive? Does anyone think this is a waste of time and money? I welcome any advice. If it is a good idea, would I be best to get another of the WD drives so I have 2 identical pairs?

The other thing is that I'm really tempted to get a second GPU, having read great things about my card's SLI performance. I used a PSU recommendation calculator with my full set up (including the 4 HDDs) and factoring in a potential CPU overclock to 4GHz and it came out with a 589W requirement. Do you think my 650W PSU is really sufficient to cope under load?

Thanks very much for your time, I look forward to your feedback.


  retep888™ 12:04 10 Jul 11

You have a few options.

  1. Set up the 2 Samsung HDD in Raid 0 array and put the WD in the Marvell Sata connection (navy blue) after installing Marvell Sata controller driver from the mobo CD and serves as a backup drive.

  2. You can utilise the existing 3 hard drives to form a Raid 5 array which will give you performance as well as fault tolerance,make & model not a problem as long as they're the same capacity.

  3. Even if you set up a Raid 5 or Raid 10 array ,you'll still need some form of backup (it can go wrong), so I'd suggest getting another Samsung to set up as a Raid 5 and use the WD as a back up drive.

    Conclusion: option 1 should suffice.

Your CoolerMaster GX650W is Ok for now but only has 2 PCI express connections so if you want to have another GTX 560-Ti as well as some overclocking then you may need a beefier PSU with 4 PCI express connections such as this one

Link test PSU" target="_blank">">PSU

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