Prompt asking which printer to print from

  ajm 18:30 30 Jul 06

I have 2 printers: HP LaserJet 1010 and a Canon I865 Inkjet. The HP is the default on as most of the time only black and white is required. However the other day there was a need for my wife ( who is not too technical) to print approx 150 pages in colour and I "thought " that I changed the default printer from the HP to the Canon. I told her just click on the PRINT ICON ensure that there are enough paper in the printer and go an have a cup of tea.
When she was ready to print, she pressed the print icon and the pages started printing: on the HP Laser Printer!!!

Is there a tool or utility that will ask me when I press the PRINT icon or Command in a application whcih printer to print from?

  VoG II 18:32 30 Jul 06

Use Print from the File menu to get a choice of printers and printing options.

  ajm 18:35 30 Jul 06

Thanks for the reply. I am able to do that myself if I know which printer i wish to print from. But what if my wife or someone does not knwo that or "forgets" to change the printer and they press the PRINT ICON or choose PRINT and OK from the File Menu?

  Gongoozler 19:30 30 Jul 06

Hi ajm. I find that some programs will always print from the default printer unless told otherwise via File - Print, some will remember the last printer used and take that as the default, yet others will always ask which printer even via the Print icon. Very confusing. I haven't yet found how to change it.

  palinka 15:23 31 Jul 06

ajm, why not write a set of instructions to keep by the computer for your wife to refer to when she's using it.

  pj123 15:34 31 Jul 06

So, why not make the Canon the default for all the people who don't know how to select the printer. Then when you want to print you can change to the printer you want to print from.

  anchor 16:09 31 Jul 06

Very strange. I also have two printers; a Samsung Laserjet and an Epson 895 inkjet.

I can set either as the default, and the programme I am using, (mainly either MS Word or PaintShop Pro), clicking on the printer icon will always send it to the selected default printer.

Are you quite sure that you did set the Canon as the default, and this could not have been accidentally changed afterwards?.

  Simsy 18:11 31 Jul 06

was she printing from?

If it is/was "Word", you can tell her to print by using Ctl + P

This will bring up the print dialogue, rather than just printing to the default printer.

You can also make this available as a button on the toolbar.

Post again if you want instructions on how to do this!



  ajm 18:18 31 Jul 06

I would love to tkae up on your offer. please post instructions

  Simsy 20:32 31 Jul 06


the following is a link to an .htm file which has a "flash" file.

It's a largish file, approx 150K, so it may take a little while if you're on dial up...

The demo was using Excel, but the principle is exactly the same in "Word".

(The file was made using free software called "Wink", click here , which I haven't yet mastered! I suspect the file can be made smaller!)

I hope it helps,

Good luck,



  Simsy 20:33 31 Jul 06

forgot the link!

click here



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