johnincrete 17:44 15 Nov 10

What is/are the factor(s) in projectors that govern how far the screen can be & how big is the image from an A4 page w.g a Word doc or a Powerpoint frame.
Also, what governs how bright & clear the image is

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:57 15 Nov 10
  Woolwell 18:57 15 Nov 10

The distance of the projector from the screen depends on its "throw" See click here#. There are short throw projectors around which can be placed very close to the screen.

A large amount depends on where it is to be used and for what eg ambient light conditions, size of audience.

  johnincrete 04:51 16 Nov 10

Plenty og "homework" to do!
I'm pleasently surprised at prices - I was expecting over 2000 pounds

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