Prohibit downloads

  Willow98 22:19 26 Mar 07

Does anyone know a software package that will prohibit the downloading of software from the web and another to prevent access to the registry? I have an employee who won't leave the PC alone but I can't prevent total use

  Strawballs 22:21 26 Mar 07

If on XP set him up with limited access account.

  AB's 22:35 26 Mar 07

or you might find a tool here to help click here

  Giant68 00:17 27 Mar 07

Or install Microsoft Shared Computer Toolkit. Freebie from MS that resets everything to a set point on reboot. This is designed for people such as you who have other people using the PC and could do damage. I have played with it for a while, and installed it on a friends PC, as his kids would download allsorts of nasties. Since then he hasn't had a problem.


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