Programs to use taskbar area once it is hidden?

  Shortstop 13:56 12 Oct 07


Win XP SP2.

I have hidden the taskbar & would like programs to default to use the whole of the available screen - yet they want to leave the area that the taskbar will occupy when it is re-activated. I resize the window for each program, click on the icon on the left of the screen, choose close - but when they are re-opened, they leave the bottom of the desktop visible.

I have ticked 'Hide Taskbar' in the properties and have unticked 'Keep on top', yet the space is still being left.

I have just reformatted my PC [once a year] and had this working OK before, but I cannot recall what settings I have still to change.

Thanks in advance for any help!


  Shortstop 16:44 12 Oct 07


  Shortstop 12:09 13 Oct 07

^ for the weekend gang!^

  tullie 12:30 13 Oct 07

Just wondering why you would want to hide the taskbar?When i run something it runs over the top of it.

  Shortstop 12:35 13 Oct 07

Well, I've run a Vista looky-like program with a sidebar, so don't really need the taskbar to be visible anymore.

Even so, whether the taskbar is visible or not, nothing wants to cover the space 'pre-allocated' to the taskbar.

It's only a minor irritation - but they can be the worst as it WAS working ok before the format!

Hi Shortstop,
ive got object dock,similar to your sidebar.
Mine has an option within the sidebar to hide windows taskbar,could that be it?

  Shortstop 12:57 13 Oct 07

I hadn't thought of that, but no I cannot see anything to force windows to use this little bit of screen.

Used to have Object dock, but Destop Sidebar [click here] is also free and, to me, has more options on display.

For now I have made the taskbar visible & hidden all options. Like I said, just annoying because it was set up just as I want it to be now.

Thanks - I'll keep this running for a while in case anyone has the answer.



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