programme manager to start AND stop

  rithym 09:19 04 Nov 05

does anyone know of a programme like task scheduler which will also stop the same task?
My ISP is running a promotion for happy hour unlimited downloads from 0100am to 0700am so I am looking for a scheduler that will stop my DU meter at 0100am and start it again at 0700am so as to still keep accurate track when i reach my 10GB monthly limit

  pauldonovan 10:20 04 Nov 05

You can download something like pskill from sysinternals:

click here

and schedule a command to run that and kill your meter program. Hopefully it doesn't mind being killed!

You could then schedule a command to start your meter again.

All can be scheduled from the task scheduler.

  rithym 12:10 04 Nov 05

OS is Win XP pro

will try pskill

  rithym 13:16 04 Nov 05

just to answer my own question

task scheduler in win xp works if i set up to run DU meter daily at 0700hrs then to quit after the process has been running 16 hours then it should terminate at 0100hrs next day... then restart at 0700hrs, etc, etc.

pskill is too advanced for me just a beginner

thanks for help anyhow

  rithym 13:17 04 Nov 05


18 hours

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