new_guy 17:51 13 Jul 03

hi there i would like to learn about vb and html plus c++ and all the other stuff there is could some one please tell me the best place to learn this stuff thanks aaron

  Simsy 17:58 13 Jul 03

called "The absolute begginers guide to programming" the author is Greg Perry.

I found it very useful... it covers the basics at a simple level and does broach HTML, C, C++ and java, though once it gets through the basics, which it does in a very readable way, it concentrates on Visual Basic.

I'm by no means proficient, and I had some, (little) programming knowlege before I got the book.... I wish I'd had it to start with.

Good luck,



  jazzypop 18:04 13 Jul 03

Google has countless guides to getting started in all these languages.

Just type 'guide vb' or 'guide html' or whatever.

  new_guy 18:04 13 Jul 03

do you know where i wouild be able to get this book is it very well knowen and will it be in most shops

start by choosing just one language to begin with then buy the IDE and read through the help files and tutorials, the web is stacked full of sites dedicated to programming and tutorials, try for instance, i would recommend delphi personally, it fairly easy to get started and the delphi 7 (personal) IDE was given out free on the january 2003 edition of personal computer world magazine . the Borland developer network has extensive articles and code of use to a beginner. check out the website of marco cantu for his free ebook 'essential delphi'
if you choose a different language just type the name into google with the word tutorials and you will undoubtedly find a wealth of info. Have fun with it H.

  barrie_g 18:12 13 Jul 03

Try your local library, it may seem old fashioned to acutually read something printed on paper but you can usually get hold of most things that are in print and if not they can generally get it in for you.

  Chris the Ancient 20:08 13 Jul 03

I learnt a lot about html ptogramming (including some java) at this site...

click here



  Simsy 15:59 15 Jul 03

click here

is from the site.

the cover pictured is not the same as mine.... I presume this is a later edition. (I'm not at home at the moment... I think mine is version 2).

Good luck



  Simsy 16:04 15 Jul 03

"Is it well known?" and "Will it be in most shops?" I'm afraid the answer to both is "I don't know", but it seems to be available from the site I've just pointed to.



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