Program to weed out dead links from favourites?

  Dipso 00:11 31 Mar 07

Can anyone point me in the right direction please. I just want to get rid of any dead linksfrom my now very lonnnnnnnnng list of favourites aquired over the years before I export them.

  Stuartli 00:23 31 Mar 07

Right click on the unwanted Favourites and Delete.

  Dipso 00:30 31 Mar 07

Thanks but there's probably around a thousand to go through so I don't have the time. I've seen a program recommended that does this for you, just can't remember the name of it...didn't put it in my favourites ;)

  moorie- 00:30 31 Mar 07

have a look at
click here

  Dipso 00:58 31 Mar 07

Thanks moorie-, I think that might be the one I was looking for.

  Dipso 01:00 31 Mar 07

Ironically the link is now dead lol! but I got it from click here

  moorie- 01:04 31 Mar 07

lol should of checked first

  tullie 07:05 31 Mar 07

Heck!With a thousad favs,it would be quicker typing it in,defeats the object of favourites really

  Dipso 15:51 31 Mar 07

I exaggerated slightly, it was 871. Not sure I'm with you on the typing them in...if I could remember them all I would surely have some special gift!

  Legolas 16:02 31 Mar 07

In My Postings. What a great programme

  Woolwell 17:07 31 Mar 07

Good program - thank you.

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