scooby43 20:06 03 Jun 05

hi all I have been having allot of trouble with my profiles. My mums pc is on wireless when ever she trys logging onto the network it takes ages to logon. I have tried recreating the profiles with no success does anyone have any ideas. The profile isnt that big around 900kbs

  madPentium 12:33 04 Jun 05

are they roaming profiles or static?
are you running a server? is so what os?
what os are the computers running?
do you have several firewalls validating the connection?

we need a lot more info please.

  scooby43 09:36 07 Jun 05

what do you mean by are the raoming profiles static. The server is running windows 2003 standard. I copied the profile over from the local machine to the server then manned the dat file once I was happy with the set up.

  scooby43 13:28 08 Jun 05


  jg1990 16:10 08 Jun 05

Do you have the DNS on the laptop pointing to the server?

  scooby43 09:05 14 Jun 05

I dont have a laptop just 3 pcs and one is the server. Sorry I took so long to reply.

  scooby43 09:06 14 Jun 05

The DNS I think is set up ok, is it because its wireless why its so slow?

  scooby43 11:30 17 Jun 05

can wireless cause the problem of slow profile

  jg1990 18:28 17 Jun 05

Have you tried to just temporarily change the wireless connection to wired and see if there is a big change

  scooby43 10:18 21 Jun 05

I had thought about doing that but my mum dosnt want wires everywhere :(

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