Profile tag and Email changed?

  bumpkin 22:55 04 Jun 13

Why if I click on a members profile am I asked if I want to send an Email. Try it.

  lotvic 23:03 04 Jun 13

You are clicking on the green envelope, see my Thread

The members profile (click on the name) is not working at the moment, the site is in middle of being tweaked so be patient.

  bumpkin 23:03 04 Jun 13

I used to click on the head and shoulders icon to to see a members profile. Now doing the same asks if I want to send an Email?

  bumpkin 23:12 04 Jun 13

I was making a point of not clicking on the green envelope but on the head and shoulders icon but still got the same result. Thanks for the link, now explained.

  lotvic 23:15 04 Jun 13

That's because the PM envelope (private message email) wasn't working before. They have altered it.

If you read my Thread that I gave link to, it will explain a little bit. I noticed it had changed this morning.

  bumpkin 23:24 04 Jun 13

Now read the thread in full and I have also been getting the sudden sound blasts. No doubt it will be sorted in the end. I was unaware changes were being made.

  lotvic 00:14 05 Jun 13

"unaware changes were being made" so were the rest of us - no warning at all.

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