Prof Drawing Programe's

  Arokh. 23:27 25 Jul 03

I have a hobby designing ships, Star Trek Ships actually - oops I've gone and let that one out Haven't I

Well as I was saying I like designing ships and I was looking through Dabs new catalogue and saw some program's that might be able to help me create such ships, but I have no idea what kind of program I should go for, I need one that could show the three stages of development, from the wire mesh to the blueprint/schematic and finally to the ship in all its colour and glory, plus text at the bottom and also the capability to insert into PDF format.

is there such a programe out there
Regards Arokh

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:30 25 Jul 03

Do the ships fly? ;-))


  Arokh. 23:34 25 Jul 03

Hi GANDALF <|:-)>

I could submit it to paramount picture's and in a way yes it could fly, via a episode of star trek, and maybe even a game like Bridge commander.

  pj123 00:06 26 Jul 03

Try click here and look for drawplus 7. I have drawplus 5 and it is good.

  woodchip 00:08 26 Jul 03

Corel Draw

  dave h 11:09 26 Jul 03

sometime back I bought a Zip 100mb Drive and on one of the disks was a Starship design programme.( I never tried it out, it was close to 100Mb in size and I didn't want to waste the space on my hard drive.)
You could try Iomega and ask them if the programme is still available.

Caligari truespace 6.6 2or300 quid but theres no way your ships will fly unless you make them in 3D. you will be able to export the wire frame in any format you need plus you will be able to make animated sequences. the flat "2D bluprints you could do in any drawing program even microsoft word but if you want to be professional look for a good CAD package .

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