Producing a book - DTP recommendations

  johnincrete 04:40 15 Oct 09

I have been using PagePlus for my DTP requirements for many years but now find it not so good for producing a book, specifically in importing over 100 pages from Word and automatically applying different headers on left & right pages - Book title on left, chapter title on right.
Serif support recommends copy & paste, page by page which is ridiculous, particularly as the draft in Word is A4 and the book will be custom size eg like a paper back.
Does anyone use a DTP that would work?

  southhead 07:07 15 Oct 09

I’m sure Microsoft Publisher will do all you want. I know for sure that you can paste any amount of text, and Publisher will add sufficient pages to take it. The pages become linked so they behave in the same way as MS Word when any text editing is carried out. Also, I think it will let you have different headers on left and right pages.

  johnincrete 11:10 15 Oct 09

If Publisher allows different headers then the feature is well hidden!
There is no help in their help.

  LastChip 11:46 15 Oct 09

Have you looked at Open Office?

Some time ago, I was involved here at PCA in evaluating Star Office; the commercial version of Open Office. One of the tasks involved using the "Master Document", which to be honest, is outside of my area of expertise. But those that used it commented on how good it would be for writing large documents - books for example.

Whether this would do what you want, I don't know, but all it's going to cost you is a download and a little time to find out.

  Taff™ 13:52 15 Oct 09

The main thing here is to ask the printer who I assume will print the book commercially, what format they would want it in. I don`t know of any commercial printer who can take a document in Publisher and do anything with it without hassle.

I produce a 300 page Society Handbook which is produced in Word at A6 size. I convert it to PDF and the printer imports it into Quark which is a MAC format. (Most printers seem to use Apple MAC `s.) The conversion from Word to Quark takes minutes. In my experience therefore Word is as good as any other format and I`m sure you can do what you outlined in your original post using it.

  southhead 16:46 15 Oct 09

Apologies: I misled you re the different headers in Publisher. I’ve tried today, and find I can’t.

  Woolwell 17:08 15 Oct 09

Serif will automatically flow into the next linked page or ask if you want to flow if you paste a document larger than the current page.

  johnincrete 12:05 16 Oct 09

Even Serif support don't think import will work and that was born out when I tried to import a 50-page word document some time ago. PagePlus treated it all as one big "page" and so it was impossible to insert or delete single pages. Their recommendation is to copy & paste page by page, selecting from two master pages but that is ridiculous for a 100 page A4 in Word going into paper=back pages in PagePlus.

  Woolwell 13:13 16 Oct 09

Yes it will treat it as one whole document. I assume that you want to keep each page as set out in Word flowing from left to right hand page. You could insert page breaks. I'm not sure that any DTP is going to be an improvement on PagePlus for what you want to do.

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