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  Josquius 20:14 14 Mar 03

So I have heard in many places mhz/ghz means not very much on choosing a processor now.
I will be going to a computer fair on Sunday to try and get a new computer so what do you look for in a processor?
I'm going 100 quidish- good though not top of the range by any means.

  woodchip 20:41 14 Mar 03

It depends on what you motherboard supports. You cannot just buy a CPU and hope that it will fit, you need to know what the motherboard can take

  bremner 20:42 14 Mar 03

You do not make mention of the motherboard.

Before choosing the processor you must consider what board you are going to put it in. The board dictates what make (AMD or INTEL) and the maximum / minimum speed of processor that can be fitted.

If this is teaching you to suck egs I apologise.

  Josquius 20:55 15 Mar 03

I usually just buy the motherboard to fit the processor. I know jack about them.
I will be getting them at the same time though I choose processor first then see how much the motherboard it fits on would be.
So what is a good processor for 100 quidish.

  AMD 4 ever 21:02 15 Mar 03

go for AMD 2200 INC FAN.

TIP:Get the guy to install it there and then, so he can't blame you for incorrect cpu assembly...o and make sure he applies some thermal compound!!

  Josquius 21:08 15 Mar 03

How much would that be?
I was thinking celeron 2200 looked pretty good what with the price but then there was stuff like athlons at the same speed but more expensive, I want to understand what the other factors are and what they effect.
Last time the bloke did do it for me, will probally be going to him again if he is still alive.

  Craneop 21:23 15 Mar 03

if it,s a pc your after why not just go on ebay and get something off there you get a better deal..look at the star ratings of person selling the item.
belive it or not you can get some real good deals these days on ebay computers.
£100 will get you anything upwards of a %00mhz processor in a pc complete with mother board ...keyboard mouse..monitor.
trouble with a fair is most are dealers.
go for an ebay sale much better and go for 128 mb ram
at least 500mhz prossesor.
hope this helps you

  woodchip 23:30 15 Mar 03

If I was you I would forget the celeron, (it's Pathetic) get an Athlon XP

  bremner 08:55 16 Mar 03

Just as an example at click here you can get a bundle of Athlon 2200+, ECS K7S6a mobo, and CPU fan for £133.75.

  Josquius 10:17 16 Mar 03

What is it which makes the athalon better then the celeron though, what is this other factor?

  Rayuk 17:09 16 Mar 03

Performance and value.

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