Processor Upgrade

  powell 16:25 01 Feb 03

The motherboard i'm using is a Soltek SL-75KV+. Having researched the Soltek website faq's, they inform me i can use up to a Duron 1300mhz or an Athlon 1400mhz processor in this board-as the board only supports the 200mhz fsb, i cannot install a faster processor.

So i bought the processor and fan kit at PCWorld component centre - install went smoothly, but pc will not boot up at all with new chip installed. Works fine when i put old on back in.

Is it a dodgy chip, or is my motherboard not capable of using this chip? Help please !!!!!

  ellas 16:33 01 Feb 03

have you checked if you need a bios upgrade before you upgrade the processor.

  clayton 18:02 01 Feb 03

What processor did you buy & is it 200FSB

  BrianW 19:20 01 Feb 03

I think you will need to update your BIOS. I am having the same problem going from a Duron 750 to 1300 on a QDI board. In my case they said that a BIOS update was essential (the 1300 is a very different configuration from the older Duron versions). Even having put in the new BIOS I still cannot get the cpu to run for more than a few moments. Like you, going back to the old cpu restores stability. AMD will simply tell you that you need a larger powers supply, but I went up to a 550w unit (from 300) and it didn't make a bit of difference. So chase up Soltek for the new BIOS

  Joe McG 19:23 01 Feb 03


sorry if i,m stating the obvious, but you did boot straight into bios and change fsb and multiplier.!

  powell 12:08 02 Feb 03

Bought the duron 1300 with the 200mhz fsb.

Have been into the bios, and it looks like it should auto-detect processor speed - i assume fsb is fixed.

To what values should i change the fsb and multiplier if they are not auto-detected?

Haven't tried updating bios yet - will try this first and get back.


  Joe McG 12:15 02 Feb 03

powell, settings should be 13 x 100fsb,

  Joe McG 12:20 02 Feb 03

powell, just had a look at mobo review. If you have pc133 sdram, you may also be able to set it at 10 x 133.

  powell 20:40 02 Feb 03

You probably think i'm really thick here - i found in the bios where i can set the fsb - defaulted already at 100mhz.

Where do i set the multiplier - can't find it anywhere.

Looking at the board manual, i found bus ratio select settings which are set using jumpers. But these range from 5.0x to 12.5x ?

Am i getting close ?

  powell 22:27 03 Feb 03

In the end, didn't fancy the bios upgrade route, but changed multiplier to 12.5x(highest that the manual said i could go) - bingo, pc booted up nicely, but displayed clock speed as 20mhz !!!!!!

Went to WINREP to check clock speed = 1299mhz. So i assume a bios upgrade will display the correct speed. This i'm not fussed about as long as processor runs at approx 1300mhz.

Finally, pc runs with much more of a punch behind it now - well worth it.

Thanks all,


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