AT processor upgrade

  Dorando 21:42 15 Jan 07

I have a PC from December 1998 with a Gigabyte SG 100 Super/7 AT motherboard and a Cyrix MII / IBM 6x86 P300/MX-300 processor in an AT Form Factor Voyager mini-tower case (the system is called a Big Red Soho Alpha 3D). I now have 320 MB of RAM. I would like to continue to use this PC in its case and with all its supporting components, and wonder if anyone could advise me how to upgrade or replace the processor (and if necessary the motherboard). Is that possible? I am looking for an economical solution because of the age of the machine, which is used as a second computer. My own knowledge of computers does not extend to awareness of compatibility, so I would be grateful for any detailed information about upgrades or replacements so that Windows XP can be run more quickly (my main activities on this computer are Word 2003 and the Internet).
With many thanks!

  STREETWORK 21:48 15 Jan 07


A new processor, more memory, updated graphics card, motherboard.

What you need, perhaps, is a motherboard bundle which would include the required bits and then you may have to buy the rest.

  skidzy 21:54 15 Jan 07

Without knowing the budget:

To be honest here,i think by the time you buy the bundle (and i think you would need a bundle) you would be better buying something like this for a second computer DimensionTM C521 click here

  ed-0 22:04 15 Jan 07

Your motherboard could take, at best, a K6 350Mhz. This would be a 50% increase over the cyrix chip. If you went that way, you should be able to find one on ebay for around a fiver.

Because it is an AT system, if you were to upgrade, only your optical drives, hard drive and a few PCI cards would go into a newer system.

You could also bang the ram upto 768Mb, the motherboards maximum.

  woodchip 23:13 15 Jan 07

Best put that in a museum, It's not even worth crap money. If it still works just use it for what you have been doing for years

  Belatucadrus 00:22 16 Jan 07

If you do decide to upgrade stick to second hand as the price of new components particularly RAM for a system that old would be astronomical.
I'd forget the new MOBO idea unless you went for a package deal as finding something that'd support your obsolete memory modules while still permitting a suitable CPU upgrade would be long winded and probably futile.
If it was mine I'd clean it, perhaps fit a new CPU fan, then reformat and do a fresh Windows install, Windows systems usually benefit hugely from a fresh start.

  Totally-braindead 00:29 16 Jan 07

I have to agree with Belatucadrus. The parts would be differcult to come by any way but second hand. Memory for a PC that old is unbelievably expensive.
If it does what you want do a fresh install and start from scratch or buy a new PC.
I had a computer faster than that in my attic last year and I couldn't even give it away - no one wanted it so it ended up being binned.
You can't even use the power supply again. Its AT, new boards are usually ATX and it wouldn't supply enough power in any case.

  ed-0 12:49 16 Jan 07

350Mhz K6 £5 click here

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