Processor upgrade

  Drazpaz 19:28 30 Mar 04

I have a 1.7 Ghz Celeron processor. My computer has been feeling rather slow lately so i thought that i should upgrade. The processor i am looking at is a 2.8Ghz Pentium 4 with 533Mhz FSB (this is the fastest my motherboard will take). Will it make much difference to the speed and is it worth shelling out that money?


  citadel 19:40 30 Mar 04

p4 is faster, adding more ram would increase speed and is a lot easier to do.

  rickimalone 19:42 30 Mar 04

The difference would be noticable, but first what RAM do you have in your system as this might be a factor in the slow performance of your system.

The jump from 128k level 2 cache to 512K will give a very real performance boost, the added 1.1ghz will be an injection of speed into you PC.

Again though it does depend on what your doing with it and the RAM factor, however the jump from celeron to pentium 4 is a good one.

  Drazpaz 19:44 30 Mar 04

I have 512Mb of sdram i think, is it much slower than ddr?

  citadel 19:59 30 Mar 04

if you play a lot of games you will see a big improvement with a p4. If you are a novice with upgrading it would be best to get it done at your local computer shop.

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