Processor speeds etc.

  ianeon 12:24 27 Dec 09

Good morning - Can someone please tell me how I find out which of these two processors is the fastest and the most powerful - they are an "AMD Quad Core 965 Phenom 2" and an "Intel i5-750 Quad Core 2.66Hz 8MB" - I find it very difficult to judge these things, as I do with Graphics Cards. - If there are tables published somewhere I would love to know. - Thank you for your time - Ian

  ICF 12:29 27 Dec 09

Have a look at Tomshardware they have a processor chart click here

  chub_tor 12:29 27 Dec 09
  ianeon 12:43 27 Dec 09

"chub_tor" thank you for that link - my apologies for not being able to find it myself.
"ICF" thank you for that link. When I went to it I din't quite know what to do when i got there, but thank you all the same.

  ICF 18:32 27 Dec 09

Click the link then click "2009 Desktop CPU Charts" then select a test say "3DMark Vantage 1.0.2" then select your two CPU's and compare.

  woodchip 19:18 27 Dec 09

Unfortunately 3D Graphics is not the be all of a CPU speed, it depends what you want to use your computer for. Without looking at the above site most likely a Intel CPU will be best for 3D graphics

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