Processor Speed

  milkybarkid 20:09 12 Dec 06

I am goin in at the deep end for my skills, I have had my PC analysed for a fault and have been told the motherboard is faulty. Part of the reinstallation requires me to set jumpers on the board to the processor speed. Its an AMD processor but how can I tell what speed it is?

  LastChip 20:11 12 Dec 06


  milkybarkid 20:15 12 Dec 06

All it says is AMD but 27111 is written on it.

  LastChip 20:20 12 Dec 06

There should be more markings than that on the chip face.

Post all the data you can find and we'll be able to identify it.

Be careful not to bend any pins and beware of static electricity.

  ed-0 20:26 12 Dec 06

A 27111 should be a palomino chip.

It should not matter about the multiplier of the cpu, as most motherboards autodetect this setting. The only thing you should need to set is the FSB or Front Side Bus. For a palomino, this should be set at 133Mhz. click here=

Some motherboards you DO have to set the multiplier jumpers, if this is one, run cpu-z through the system to see if it can read the exact model.

  skidzy 20:30 12 Dec 06

Hi ed-0
CPU-Z click here

  ed-0 20:45 12 Dec 06

How to identify some of your chips. click here Vinegar and tomato sauce, not recommended.;-))

  milkybarkid 21:10 12 Dec 06

tHE CHIP ALSO HAS A LABEL 002700 xp 1700 c oem. The manual is asking me to set the jumper to either 200 or 266 or 333 or 400mhz. The Mbd is an ASRock FSB400

  ed-0 21:14 12 Dec 06

You set the FSB to 266Mhz ( 133 Mhz X 2 ).

it looks as if you have a 1700+ cpu that should run at 1.467Ghz.

  milkybarkid 21:46 12 Dec 06

...further minor poblem I hope. The power switch lead from the front panel has a three pin connector but the Mbd has only a pair of pins identified as for the switch. I would have thought this would be standardised. Am I missing something here or do a cut the P.Switch lead and put a two pin connector on it?

  ed-0 21:51 12 Dec 06

What ASRock motherboard is it, they are lots of socket 462 400fsb ones.

click here

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