processor query

  Haggie 16:31 28 Jan 03

i got a Tiny P3 500mhz & as far as i can find out it has a MS6156-bx7 mobo.
MSI spec for this mobo says it is a slot1 but can this be replaced with as slot370 processor? or would a new mobo be needed for this.

  Elrond 16:33 28 Jan 03

New mobo needed. I think? The slot or socket type on the mOBO has to correspond to that of the processor

  Haggie 16:35 28 Jan 03

i thought i saw somewhere that u can get adapters. is this correct?

  Elrond 17:10 28 Jan 03

I think this may be possible but i can't say i've seen many advertised in the magazines

  Djohn 17:14 28 Jan 03

Yes I believe you can, but from what I remember, the cost of the adaptor and new CPU is not viable unless you have no other choice.

Much better as Elrond says, New M/Board and CPU.

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