Processor overheating

  RussG 18:53 28 Sep 07

Just replaced the hard drive on my Dell laptop Inspiron 1100(see my post earlier this week) but having problems installing XP, the system kept shutting down half way through. I ran the diagnostics disc and it is reporting the processor overheating (which it is , hot).
The laptop cooling fan is working, I can hear it and also checks OK running the diagnostics. Would there be a fan on top of the processor , could this have failed. Problem is getting inside the thing, there are 2 screws under the screen hinge , needs the screen removed to get to them and I can't see how to get the screen off. Anyone got any suggestions?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:39 28 Sep 07

Try just cleaning the grilss out first (blow through or suck out with a vacumn cleaner).

Make sure you sit the laptop ontop of something to lift it clear of a sufarce that may restric air flow.

  beeuuem 19:40 28 Sep 07

Does this help?click here

  beeuuem 19:43 28 Sep 07

PS click on the photos for large pics.

  RussG 19:53 28 Sep 07

Forum to the rescue once again.
Get onto this tomorrow.
Many thanks

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