Processor Noise

  J Bear 00:34 08 Jan 03
  J Bear 00:34 08 Jan 03

I've just replaced my old graphics card with a Gainward 440MX Pro/600. There is no fan on the card just a heatsink - as a result my computer is wonderfully quiet. The thing I have noticed now is that their seems to be noises coming from the processor when it is active. This especially happens when I scroll down webpages in IE. Is this normal? Never noticed it before, but then there was a hurricane going on in the box.


  bx2000 00:43 08 Jan 03

Are you sure that its the Processor?

Sounds more likely to be the Hard Drive.

OR the processor fan bearings on the way out.

Regards. G

  Djohn 00:45 08 Jan 03

J Bear, the processor itself will not make any noise, but the fan on it will do, and depending on your setup, yes, the fan may increase in speed when the processor is asked to do some work.

Also the noise you hear may be the hard drive working rather than the processor. Regards. J.

  Djohn 00:46 08 Jan 03

Good morning bx2000, hope you are well J.

  northamuk 00:48 08 Jan 03


  J Bear 00:49 08 Jan 03

Definitely not a fan. It doesn't sound like the hard drive. Could be the processor on the graphics cards. The noise is like a quiet or muffled 'woosh'. And, it only happens when you do something, like scroll in IE or load an application. It seems pretty harmless, just never noticed it before.

I must admit that the silent graphics card is very nice. I hope that heat won't become a problem.


  J Bear 00:54 08 Jan 03

It could be the hard drive, unfortunately ear to the box doesn't reveal a specific source location. I didn't think processors could make a noise, but then things have never been this quiet before.


  Djohn 00:56 08 Jan 03

northamuk, lost me there mate. :o)

  bx2000 00:58 08 Jan 03

Good morning good sir.

  bx2000 01:03 08 Jan 03

Do you have a motherboard guardian or something similar that reports fan speed and temp. of processor and board.

If you have, then maybe you will get a lead from that.

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