Processor frequency?

  Stowit 17:20 08 Apr 04

I've built a PC with Pentium 4 2.8GHz 533 FSB and 512K Cache. On boot the screen says 'CPU change detected...... set CPU frequency in BIOS. I've found the relevant section & the default setting is 133 Mhz. This can be altered in increments of 1 upto 200. What should I set it to? & why?

  bremner 18:11 08 Apr 04

What motherboard do you have?

  Stowit 18:36 08 Apr 04

MSI P4MAM-L as this link
click here
I can't see anything obvious there (Doesn't say much !)The CPU is compatible, I just don't understand what to do! Thanks

  Rayuk 18:47 08 Apr 04

P4 s are quad pumped so it should be 133x4=532[3]fsb.
Not sure that is the exact terminology for it.

  Rayuk 18:49 08 Apr 04

click here

about half way down the page,before the index

  Stowit 19:01 08 Apr 04

Thanks (I still don't understand) the Bios setting is at 133Mhz, but I still keep having the question asked on boot. What does it all mean !!

  bremner 19:12 08 Apr 04

Checking the manual you should have a CD with the board that has two utilities called PC Alert4 and Fuzzy Logic 4. This allows you to view and adjust the system settings including the CPUdeals with

  Rayuk 19:21 08 Apr 04

Does your pc actually work ok apart from this message?
Or if it doesnt, there seems to be different variants of the 2.8 some work some dont.

  Stowit 19:40 08 Apr 04

Thanks again chaps. The Pc works (after a fashion) I've had other issues (see other posts I've made) I've only just got it to behave like its working & haven't yet installed the CD drive to install my software yet. I've just put my old PC's HDD in. I suspect bremner's right (fingers crossed) & when the CD drive's in I can install all the correct software. Haven't done so as I fancy a DVD / CD writer combo. Nothing's ever simple. Doubtless I'll be pestering again when I move onto my next 'issue'

  Stowit 18:21 09 Apr 04

For further info, there's a section in Bios entitled 'load high performance defaults' that was unavailable, stateing not loaded, reset cmos. I did & it allowed me to 'do what it said on the tin' Investigation into processor frequency now asked for a DEC number. From Rayuk's post I guessed at 4 & it all seems ok now ! I havent got the disc with the mobo, but had downloaded much of the stuff before. Unfortunatly not all, & now am missing some network drivers required for my internet connection. They're to big for floppy so I'm mailing them to a friend (from my Laptop) so he can put them on cd. I think once I can connect the pc I'm working on to the internet it'll be all downhill, I'm sure. Will it never end?

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