Processor display problem.

  wky 16:54 18 Nov 05

Hello I have a hp nx6125 laptop with a turion processor 1.60ghz. There are times when on the properties of my computer, the speed of the processor displays as 768mhz when it should say 1.60ghz. when this happens, I have to go through my program files and double click on the amd processor driver to make it revert to the normal speed. But it is annoying me when it just goes back to 768 for no reason at all. Can anyone recommend a solution so it always displays 1.60 and does anyone know if it affects the speed of the processor, even when my computer displays it wrong? Thanks for any suggestions.

  De Marcus™ 16:58 18 Nov 05

This operation is perfectly normal and is often referred to as speedstep technology, it reduces the speed of processor when it's not needed, such as writing a word document and will increase on demand in a split milisecond for cpu intensive operations such as video editing.

  wky 17:01 18 Nov 05

I am sure I have read somewhere that this is not normal and it is to do with the processor not being compatible with the operating system in some way which will show a wrong speed unless you run a driver. Maybe im just talking silly here. Can anyone clarify? Thanks for the quick response.

  De Marcus™ 17:08 18 Nov 05

I can assure you it is normal.

Read the manual on this subject (direct link to pdf 0.39mb) click here

  De Marcus™ 17:09 18 Nov 05

All mobile processors come equipped with this 'speedstep' type technology to save on battery life.

  wky 18:21 18 Nov 05

I think this has to do with the powernow technology with amd processors. I have disabled this and im going to see what happens. has anyone else had experience with this and do you think it is a good idea to disable it?

  De Marcus™ 19:18 18 Nov 05

'Powernow' - 'Speedstep'

One and the same thing, disabling it means your cpu is running at full pelt when it's not neccessary, using more watts and therefore more battery power. By all means do so if your plugged into the mains and not running on battery power, but switching it off whilst running in battery mode will shorten the laptops lifetime considerably.

  wky 20:16 18 Nov 05

I think the power is constantly at 1.60 now, I usually use my laptop plugged into the mains. Thanks for help de marcus.

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