processor confusion

  lonemascot 16:25 01 Oct 05

is a 1.5 ghz intel centrino fast or is it slow by todays standards. i was told it was as fast as pentium 4 3ghz but this doesn't sound right.

please help

  ade.h 17:33 01 Oct 05

Judging by average Sysmark results that 1.5ghz Centrino notebooks receive, it's not too far from a 2.5ghz Pentium 4. That is partly due to the use of entirely different architecture that is based on the Pentium 3 design which was actually faster per cycle than the P4.

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:45 01 Oct 05

The Centrino also benefits from a larger L2 cache which also increases performance.

  DieSse 18:10 01 Oct 05

Centrino is not a processor - it's a set of capabilities for Laptop systems. It includes a specific set of processors, specific chipsets with battery saving technology, and Wi-Fi built in.

The actual processors in Centrino laptops are Mobile Pentium4 -M processors.

Intel processor types click here

Intel writeup on Centrino click here

Graph of relative performances click here

  ade.h 19:01 01 Oct 05

Pentium M, not Pentium 4M (which is a mobile P4). Entirely different.

  DieSse 20:04 01 Oct 05

Yup - sorry - too much looking at the intel webpage is my only excuse!

  ade.h 22:33 01 Oct 05

It certainly is an info-packed site, isn't. Still, it makes a change from not having enough product info!

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