Processor Clock speeds

  woodyr6 08:24 29 Mar 03

I am rather confused by the relation between processor speeds and bus speeds.
I have a 2200+ Athlon processor which runs supposedly at 1800mhz. I have a Gigabyte motherboard which has a jumper setting for 100/133/266 mhz. Which is the correct setting and why?
It seems to work on 133 but I have recently read a spec for the chip which says 266 - which is correct please?

  Forum Editor 08:50 29 Mar 03

has an actual clockspeed of 1.8GHz and a default multiplier of 13.5 x 133MHz.

You can easily overclock the processor to 2500+ (2.0GHz) using a multiplier of 14.0x, a FSB speed of 142MHz and a core voltage of 0.5v. but I do not recommend it unless you have some hefty cooling onboard - the Athlon will heat up faster than a fast thing in Summer.

  woodyr6 08:54 29 Mar 03

Why does the AMD website make it SO difficult to find out what the specifications of the 2200+ are?! (I gave up)
How otherwise do you KNOW that it is 133 ?

  Rayuk 19:47 29 Mar 03

You could have a look at this click here
gives you all the info you need.
Only problem is you have to make a note of the markings on the cpu before you instal it.

  woodyr6 11:35 30 Mar 03


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