processor advice needed

I have an old PC100 system board fitted with an AMD K6 150Mhz processor can anyone advise me what the fastest processor the system can take.

From The Manual "This mainboard is installed with a socket-7, and any socket-7 processor can be installed. the mainboard supports system bus speeds of 60, 66, 75, 83, 95, 100Mhz."

Its running 298mb pc100 sdram.

I realise it won't match todays standards but i would like it to run programs a little faster

  hugh-265156 13:09 16 Feb 04

not worthwile upgrading i think.if you can even find a cpu to purchase.

some info though.

click here click here click here quote from above "The AMD K6-2 and K6-3 have all but died. Don't bother purchasing them"

Many Thanks for the links. I just thought there may be a cheap way to get a bit more speed from the pc without major surgery.

I am open to suggestions as major surgery will remain on hold till the wife leaves her purse laying round.

  hugh-265156 13:26 16 Feb 04


you can pick up a basic socket A mobo with 2200+ cpu and case for around £100 or so for click here or similar.


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