processor advice

  adampc22 09:14 22 Oct 11

hi i have a HP DC7100 convertible mini tower which has a Intel Pentium 4 3.00ghz 2.99ghz cpu i would like to update the cpu to something more modern and faster but i dont really know abut these things so i was wondering if u guys could give me some advice on what i should buy ? though i am on a budget so i dont have masses of cash to spend :( thank you in advance for your help : )

  chub_tor 12:10 22 Oct 11

If you look at the spec and the age of your machine I think you will realise that upgrading the processor is not a financially viable option. An upgraded processor will not give you a huge boost in performance, the only processor you could get will be a used one (probably from ebay), the board also uses DDR memory which is very expensive nowadays. In short you would be better advised to look for a more up to date PC. Those using AMD processors are generally cheaper than those with Intel processors and you should look for one with DDR3 memory and one with built in graphics to keep down the cost. You could also consider building you own using a motherboard bundle from ebuyer or novatech or similar company, re-use your existing case, power supply and drives.

  adampc22 12:25 22 Oct 11

: ( any advice on a good motherboard bundle to get ?

  gengiscant 13:10 22 Oct 11

What sort of budget are you talking about?

  adampc22 14:22 22 Oct 11


  gengiscant 14:27 22 Oct 11

For a mobo and CPU, no way. You would really need to double that. Might find something on the bay second hand.

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