Processes on Task Manager

  sajeev 18 Apr 11

I find that when I check processes on Task Manager there are three instances of Chrome exe with 86K, 36K and 15K usage and one instance of explorer.exe of 18K. When I choose to End processes on any of these, I get a dialogue box warning of severe consequences. I use only Chrome and at the time of checking TM had only one webpage open. All the other profiles (3 in no) are in logged-off mode. I use Windows XP Home. Could this be slowing down my computer? Please advise. Thanks Sajeev

  johndrew 18 Apr 11

It sounds as if the programs are being started more than once. To find out if this is so, go to 'Start/Run' type 'msconfig' in the box and click 'OK' click on the 'Startup' tab and look down the list of programs. If a program is running more than once it will show up here. Be aware that unchecking one entry may stop the program running at all.

Using TM to stop the extra items is not likely to cause a problem, but if you have multiple starts of the same software you could look here for a cure link text. Most here are for XP but without knowing you OS it is not possible to be more specific.

  buteman 18 Apr 11

If they are not using up any of the CPU just ignore them you may damage your computer if you remove them, and do not remove Explorer.exe as that is needed.

  woodchip 18 Apr 11

Explorer.EXE is not IE its the Windows Explorer and if you end the Process your PC will shut down as it depends on it running

  torver 18 Apr 11

From Googles website "The reason for multiple Chrome.exe processes being listed in the task manager is that each Chrome tab is treated as it's own individual process for safety reasons etc, and therefore, is treated as such".

  sajeev 18 Apr 11

Thanks for the prompt and informative replies. Reassured that nothing major is wrong and especially glad I did not shutdown explorer.exe under the impression that it was IE running unnecessarily. Thanks again Sajeev


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